DIGI-GROUP Offer a range of photographic & video services. 

Over the years we have invested in the latest technology, and regularly add new equipment to our stock.

Services we offer:

Professional Automotive Photography 

- Static on location, Vehicle to Vehicle (using our tracking car with full remote controlled 3 axis gyro stabilized head), panned from the side of the road or photographed using our studio lighting.

Video Services

- Multi camera interviews, Hosted/Presented Walk Round Interviews/Videos, In car reviews filmed on multiple cameras or Vehicle to Vehicle tracking shots using our tracking car.


Tracking Car

Our tracking rig is currently mounted to a Volvo V60 Inscription, and uses a Canon 1DX MKIII to capture up to 20.1-megapixel stills (RAW or JPG) at speeds up to 20fps.

Video footage can be captured up to 5.5K RAW (60p), 4K DCI (60p), 4K UHD (60p) or Full-HD up to 120p

The camera operator has full remote control over the camera position (3 axis) , and has a real-time preview allowing for precise framing. Additionally the operator can remotely start and stop record and make adjustments to the camera.